We are the Milk Demon Syndicate.

    We are building our influence, we are going to keep growing.

    We will take your world.

    We will grow and spread this influence to all corners of the universe.

    Once we are in full control, you will be milk.

    We will have complete control.

    You have seen what we are, what we can do, and we have seen the potential in you.

    We now urge you to embrace our lifestyle.

    To do so, you will have to follow a set of rules and guidelines.

    We will provide milk for you.

    You will provide a safe place to meet for us.

    We suggest you do this if you value the life you lead.

    Stay together, especially if you want to stay safe.

    If you run, we will hunt you.

    If you hide, we will find you.

    If you are caught, there will be a high price to pay.

    You will be punished.

    We are a product of the moment, and we will not be bound by the limits of time or space.

    Get it in your head now that we are not like you.

    The Milk Demon Syndicate will show you the path to dominance.

    Do you accept our terms?